roast beef from Bistro United

roast beef by Bistro United

We eat

Home cooked, restaurant cooked, straight from the can, even street cooking. We love to eat and explore new food.

sunflowers from tagaytay

sunflowers from tagaytay

We do art

To the artsy craftsy, to graphic arts, all the way to fine arts. We create and appreciate art. And will share some with you.

off to somewhere

off to somewhere

& love a lot…

We also love a lot of other things like reading a good book, a relaxing day spent at home and travelling.

Eat Art Love

We love to eat, create art, read, travel, explore and do other fun amazing things. And we want to share these experiences with you. We hope you have just as much fun as we had when you read our stories and browse our pictures. Maybe you can even learn a thing or two.

Join us as we build Eat Art Love

eat art love

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